In the 1970’s Brother K G Kumar, after graduating from Freed Hardeman University, traveled back to his home land, India, to preach the gospel. Since 1976, over 1800 Christians have been baptized into Christ by K G and his associates and about 990 students have graduated from the Preacher Training School (PTS), founded by brother Kumar in Kakinada, India. Most of these preachers are now supporting themselves while preaching in the region of Andhra Pradesh. The PTS now employs eight full time teachers, four full time staff, and about a dozen part time workers. PTS currently has over 100 students in a 2-year Telugu language program or a 3-year English language program. The Northeast church of Christ began helping the work in India in the early 1970s.

For more information, see the website of the Preacher’s Training School.


Members of the Northeast congregation began helping with the Haiti work about 25 years ago. Northeast assumed oversight of the Delmas 43 work in Port-au-Prince in 1993. Brother Jean Robert St Hilaire has ministered to the Delmas 43 congregation for 22 years. The Delmas 43 congregation has grown from about six members in 1988 to over 400 current members. This congregation now has elders and a growing Preacher training school which has graduated about 60 students. Delmas 43 also conducts an annual Preachers’ Lectureship where denominational preachers are invited in and taught the Truth more completely. A large number of such preachers have been converted and have then gone back home and converted their own members. About 200 small congregations have been started throughout Haiti as a result of the training school and American assistance.

For more information, see Mission South Haiti’s website or visit their YouTube channel.