Current Bible Class Topics

Current Bible Class Topics

         Spring Quarter 2018
        Bible Classes
            March 4th – May 30th


SUNDAY MORNING – 9:00 a.m.

 “How to Reach the Lost Today”

Teachers: Jay Cline & Bill Darnell
Room:  Auditorium


“Why Do We Do the Things We Do?”

 This class will be a 10-week deep dive in to the reasons behind our practices. We will look at the subject from the perspective of our congregation and from the perspective of the “church of Christ” restoration movement. If you are a new Christian or new to our fellowship, you will learn some of the fundamental reasons behind our practices. If you are a more mature Christian, you may be strengthened by reacquainting yourself with God’s plan for the church. This class is designed to help us mature in the growth areas of a deeper relationship with God, unity, and greater effectiveness in reaching the lost. The class will be from March 18th through May 20th.

Teacher: Richard Bonner leading
Room: Fellowship Hall


“Follow Me

We will be taking pieces from the book, Follow Me, by David Platt.  We are looking at discipleship and how teens can be making strides to share their faith. We will also be looking at their own Faith and where they stand with the following question. Have you answered Jesus’ call to Die and to Live?

Teacher: Mark Casella
Room: Teen Room



 “Pauline Letters”

 We will be diving into various letters from Paul and looking how to apply them today.

Teacher: Jay Cline
Room:  Auditorium

 “Singing Class”

We will be learning some new songs along with singing some old favorites. If you like to sing, come join us. This class will begin on March 21st.

Teacher: Byron Thompson
Room:  Wing Adult 2

“People of the Old Testament”

 We will be looking at important Old Testament Characters and how to apply lessons from them into our daily lives.

Teacher:  Mark Casella
Room:  Youth Room (Grades 6-college age)

YDC — Super Average – We are continuing our study on Super Average and traits we can work on to be good Christians.


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