Current Announcements

Current Announcements

January Prayer Focus:
A deeper, more meaningful relationship with God.


Thank you so much for the outpouring of love and encouragement in the form of prayers, calls, messages, cards and the presence of so many at Sullivan’s memorial service. The Peace Lily sent from the church for Clint and Missy was beautiful. God strengthens us through one another, and for that we are eternally grateful.
Joe & Lo Davis and Family

 Christmas Cards for St. Jude’s Hospital —  Please save any old Christmas cards (or others) you wish to donate to be forwarded to St. Jude Hospital.  Kids can use them for crafts. Place them in the box in the foyer.  See Karen Mokry or Becky Applegate with questions.  Sorry, we cannot accept Disney, Hallmark, or American Greetings cards.  Monatary donations appreciated for shipping costs.

One of the opportunities the church should always keep in its focus is the development of the congregation, both in service and leadership roles.  All the current elders are committed to remaining as elders, but we think it is time to add elders to share in the shepherding role and help in encouraging the family where we have been limited. For some time, the elders and ministers have been discussing, studying and approaching various men in the congregation about serving in this capacity.
As was announced by Mark Mokry last Sunday, the elders have placed the names of Frank Graves and David Roff before the congregation as elders. For the next two weeks we are asking the congregation to thoughtfully and prayerfully consider them for this role.  Read the bio on David & Sally that was in this past Sunday’s bulletin.  The bio for Frank & Leslie is on the front of today’s bulletin.
As mentioned, we and the ministers have spent a number of hours studying and discussing pertinent topics with Frank and David to ensure there is a compatibility, sound biblical doctrine, a good understanding  of the elder’s role and a desire to serve in this capacity.
If anyone has a concern with either man, please talk privately with them to address your issues.  The current elders are more than willing to meet with anyone regarding Frank and David; or any other topic as well. After the two-week consideration timeframe and no issues arise, we recommend the church formally name them as elders to serve with the current leadership.
            On a personal note from the current elders, we are humbled and grateful for the constant prayers and support you have given us.  With it, it has made our endeavors easier and rewarding as we all serve our God and Savior.

Mark Your Calendars! On Friday, January 24th, the Bonner Life Group is hosting a good old fashioned game night. We will meet at the building at 5:45 pm, eat supper together, and then enjoy a night of games, fellowship and fun! Please plan to join us and bring soup, chili, or finger foods to share. If you have questions, please see Tacy Bonner or Charlene Harris.

The NERM’s (Northeast Retired Men) will meet on Tuesday, January 21st (8:30 am) at Perkins Restaurant in Colonial Heights.

      Youth & Family Calendars are available in the foyer. Please take one and add them to your calendar.
      One Late Night is coming up January 19th. We will leave the building at 3:30 pm and we will start bring students home at midnight. Please let Mark know if you are willing to make a dessert or snack for us to take.

We are in need of additional drivers to provide transportation on Sunday morning for those that need a ride.  If you can help with this, please contact Judy in the church office.

Please join us at 8:30 each Sunday morning for a pre-class singing. This is an excellent opportunity to learn the new songs and have some fellowship at the same time!

If you can be an Auditorium Angel, please sign up on the bulletin board in the Office wing. This consists of replacing cards, pencils, and picking up stuff laying around. Also, we need volunteers to prepare the Communion each week.

You can now select Northeast Church of Christ as your current charity at Smile.Amazon.Com.

Anyone interested in getting their CDL and driving the church bus to events and activities, please see Bill Darnell or Mark Mokry.


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 Life Group Calendar


 Fall Session – September 13, 2020 – November 29, 2020
  Winter Break – December 6, 2020 – December 27, 2020
  Winter Session – January 5, 2020 – March 29, 2020
  Spring Break – April 5, 2020 – April 26, 2020
  Spring Session – May 3, 2020– June 28, 2020
  Summer Break – July 5, 2020 – September 6, 2020


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One Late Night w/Central – January 19th
Sweetheart Banquet – February 8th (5:30-7 pm)
SOAR Deadline – February 9th
WinterFest – February 14th-16th
Central Youth Rally Day – February 23rd (3-7:30)

YDCMeets every Wednesday Night @7:00 pm

Church Wide Game Night – January 24th (7-9 pm)


Melissa Bledsoe
(423) 723-4569