Communion Preparation

Communion Preparation

Communion Preparation Instructions

For Sunday Morning:

  1. Gather fourteen (14) trays for the bread and fourteen (14) trays for the juice.
  2. For the bread trays, ensure that the crumbs have been emptied from them and that there is a relatively clean doily in the bottom of the tray. If the doily is missing or stained, there are extras in the cabinet where the bread is stored.
  3. Twelve (12) of the trays will be used in the auditorium. Get the bread Tupperware box out of the cabinet and reuse any pieces of crackers in the Ziploc bag first. Put two or three small pieces in the tray or one large piece. In addition, put several (20 maybe?) of the other type of communion bread pieces in the trays to suit some people’s preference.
  4. The other two (2) bread trays will be used for the sound booth and nursery. The sound booth tray will only need one small piece of bread. The nursery tray will only need communion bread for about 8-10 people in case there are several mothers in the nursery when it is served there.
  5. Once all fourteen bread trays are filled, stack them in the refrigerator by the door with a napkin over the top tray.
  6. The juice trays like the bread trays require twelve (12) for the auditorium and two (2) for sound booth and nursery.
  7. All twelve (12) in the auditorium require all the inner cup holders to have cups along with six (6) total in the outermost row. Adding any more in the outer row risks the waste of a lot of juice, and not putting any in the outer row risks a tray running out as it’s being passed during service.
  8. The sound booth tray requires two (2) cups, and the nursery tray requires ten (10) cups.
  9. After the cups have been placed in the cup holders of all trays, they can be easily filled with a filling device that has a button at the top that opens a valve at the bottom. This cup can be filled with about 8 oz. of juice and it can almost completely fill a tray of cups. Be sure not to overfill the cups as this leads to juice being spilled as the tray is being passed. Shoot for the cups being 2/3 full. Be sure to use any opened containers of juice first prior to opening a new bottle of grape juice.
  10. After all the juice trays are filled, place them in two stacks in the refrigerator. If both stacks of juice trays and the stack of bread trays will not all fit in the refrigerator, take the bread tray out and set it on the counter beside the refrigerator with the napkin still covering the top tray.
  11. Clean the cup filler and put any half-full juice bottles in the refrigerator.


For Sunday Evening:

  1. After communion has been taken on Sunday morning, those who are assigned to empty the trays should designate one tray for Sunday evening use. Remove any empty cups from it and fill all the inner cup holders with a full juice cup. Place this tray along with a full tray of bread in the refrigerator for use on Sunday Evening. Do not forget to get the tray from the sound booth and nursery.
  2. Pour all of the juice down the sink and throw the cups in the garbage.
  3. Wipe down the trays to remove any juice stains. Wash if necessary.
  4. Place any portions of cracker you deem large enough in the Ziploc bag provided in the Tupperware container. Gather any unused pieces of the other type of communion bread and put it in its Ziploc bag as well.
  5. Dump all the bread crumbs from the communion bread trays into the garbage can. Place all sets of trays back in the ice machine room on the counter for future use.
  6. After Sunday evening service, the person assigned to communion should handle clean-up of the trays used that evening.



If supplies are running low, please let Frank Graves or Nancy Perry know so they can be ordered / purchased.