Good Morning and welcome to the Northeast Church of Christ. We are glad that you are with us this morning. Our hope is that during your time here this morning that you will worship God with us, dive into His Word together, and be encouraged by the people around you.

            Today in our sermon we will look at Ephesians 1:1-14. This past weekend at Wintercamp at CBC we looked at the fact that we are blessed. We don’t often talk about the blessings and exciting things that come with following Jesus. Instead what we tend to focus on is making sure we are doing everything right or following a checklist of how to be a good Christian. Sometimes we look at what the bare minimum is to get by. Life can feel like it’s doing its best to tell us that being a Christian just makes everything more difficult in life.

            The first part of Ephesians gives us a different story. It tells us that we have some reasons to be excited about following Christ. These reasons also are great tools to use to share Jesus with people who don’t know what comes with following Jesus. Scripture tells us that we are blessed (Eph 1:1-3), chosen (1:4), adopted (1:5-6), Redeemed (1:7-8), Made Known (1:9-10), and Sealed with the Holy Spirit (1:11-14). All of these are good things that come along with being a Christian and are things we can count on no matter what we deal with in life.

            This morning we are going to focus on what it means to be “sealed with the Holy Spirit”. My prayer for you this morning is that no matter what your current life circumstance is that you feel the blessings that come with Jesus and know that you can count on those blessings.

Be Blessed,
Mark Casella