Reliable Help

Reliable Help

Reliable help is something that isn’t easy to come by at times. Often times when we ask for help something comes up for those we needed the help from, sometimes they don’t have the ability to help out… and that is ok, sometimes they forget about helping even when they said they would do it, and occasionally, if we are being honest, sometimes we are just too lazy to want to help.

            There are little tasks around the house that help everything look better when they are done. A lot of these things include picking up clothes, toys, and trash. We will ask for some help from some little hands. After all, they are the ones leaving most of this mess behind as younger kids tend to do.

            So one might help and one might just disappear. But the funny thing is after a few minutes they are gone! They have stopped helping all together and have moved onto something else. What help that is.

            I had a friend recently go to a counselor for a personal need. They needed someone who could professionally help them and listen to what they had to say. After one of their few sessions the counselor told them that they could probably help out, but they really didn’t want to listen to all their problems. Some help that is.

            Reliable help is hard to find around town right now too. If you drive around town you will notice many places that are hiring employees. Part of their problem though is two separate things. The first is that not everyone is qualified for the position. For example, you don’t want someone rotating your tires that doesn’t have the knowledge to, it becomes a safety factor. But the other problem is that when help is found they either don’t show up for work or leave for a different job. I couldn’t believe how often that was the case!

            Truth is reliable help can be hard to find. But there is something that we can stand behind. Hebrews 13:6 says, “So we can feel sure and say, “The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid. People can do nothing to me.”  In a world where everything else is unsure, you can be sure in the Lord. He is a helper in times of trouble and uncertainty, but also there when things are going well. The Lord helps us navigate the difficult harbors of life. Just as a tugboat guides ships through the harbor to safety, the Lord will help guide us through life if we are willing to listen and to pray.

            Reliable help might be hard to find in our day to day walk of life. As Christians not only should we be reliable helpers we should know that we also have a relatable helper in our life. Be sure in the Lord.                                                                                                                                            Mark Casella