Dear Mom!

Dear Mom!

Thank you!  Thank you for carrying me for all those long months even though I was hording all your vitamins and nutrients, poking, punching and kicking, wreaking havoc on your body and generally weighing you down.  Thank you for carrying me, knowing that this was just the beginning!  Thank you for the part you played in bringing me into this world and letting me stay, even when my actions may have jumped on your last nerve to where you wanted to remind me that you could take me out of it too!  Thank you for choosing to give up your alone time, allowing me to come between you and whatever other plans might have been, for spending time with me, teaching me how to walk and talk, play nicely with others, eat my vegetables and be a helper.  Thank you for sacrificing some of your sanity as you helped me battle my selfish desires and rebellion.  For sticking with me through school, lost friendships, difficult changes, injuries, accidents, bone headed decisions, my trouble making and rude years.  Thank you for celebrating my successes and helping me learn from my failures.  Thank you for all the meals you prepared and cooked, and making sure that there was food there for me even when you couldn’t be there.  Yes, I am thankful now even for the chicken nuggets and little green peas that you always fixed and left for us when you were going to be gone on a date with dad.  You always thought of us. 

Thank you for blessing me with memories at the beach, the ball field, Disney, grandparents’ houses, family camping trips and family reunions, at holidays, on the weekends – not to mention every other day of the week – where you helped serve and provide and bless… where you showed servant leadership and modeled what it means to put others first.  Thank you for giving of yourself so that you could see us have fun and enjoy all the blessings that I now look back on and realize – only happened because of all the work that you put in and sacrifices you made.  Thank you for giving me clothes, shoes, school supplies, a bed and toys.  Thank you. 

Thank you for the example of a Godly marriage that I learned by watching you.  Thank you for teaching me that God always comes first, taking me to church, making sure I was there for Bible class, VBS, workdays and fellowship times.  Thank you for teaching me about the Bible and encouraging me to grow in faith and love God.  I think you are the best.  Not because you are perfect, not because everything always went the way you wanted it to, and not because I always got what I wanted.  I think you are the best, because through it all, you modeled what a real Christian looks like.  One who gives and serves.  Has highs and lows.  Makes mistakes and repents.  Has success and gives glory to God.  Works “as for the Lord” and gives even when it costs you.  I know that you are a blessing from God, and I thank him regularly for the lessons you have taught, the love you give and the fact that you helped lead me to Him.  I love you mom, and hope you have a most wonderful Mother’s Day !