Did you Hear? Jesus is alive and well!

Did you Hear? Jesus is alive and well!

              Last week was Easter Sunday.  We focused our lessons on Jesus’ Resurrection from the dead and celebrated all the blessings that are ours as a result!  Jesus, who died for our sins, was not abandoned to the grave.  God the Father resurrected him on the third day just as Jesus told us would happen, and just like that death was defeated!  Now there is a new way to the Father.  John 14:6 (ESV)

Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” For the people that day, time was surely dragging.  They were just with him a few days ago – but now on the 3rd day since his death they are held up in a house hiding wondering what they should do next.  Where do we go?  What should we do?  For those that went to the tomb, and those that remained in the locked room because of their lack of belief – things were harder than we typically give them credit for.  Belief took awhile.  The truth first had to break through their fog of loss and depression.  Even though their long nightmare was about to be over, it took a while to see it.  However, life changed drastically that day.

For us, the amount of time it takes us to read on is the only waiting we have to do.  We rejoice at the good news!  We know all that Jesus said and did after his resurrection.  We have the testimony of 500+ eye witnesses to help us believe and have had time to process the news.  However, how drastically has it changed your life? 

In the short term, all their fear and pain were taken away as Jesus appeared to them.  What they thought that they had lost was restored to them and they were rightly floored!  How can this be?  If they were amazed at his teaching, and that the winds and the waves obey him – you can only imagine how this felt!  He was right there in front of them!  That kind of change is also one that we should experience.  As we come to Jesus and experience the truth of his love – it should cast out all fear (1 John 4:18).  As we experience the life and power that come through being reconciled to God and having the Holy Spirit live in us – there is an amazement and excitement that comes.

On a larger scale, this event reached beyond their emotions and changed the course of the rest of their life.   Everything that had been good ideas, teachings, and ministry – now became so much more.  Now it was life.  Now it was everything. Once they saw Jesus resurrected, they couldn’t stop talking about what they have found in Jesus.  They wanted others to know.  They wanted everyone to experience the treasure they had found.  It changed their attitude, their outlook on life and the world, it gave them purpose and direction.  They were seen by others as “Christians” – the followers of Christ (Acts 11:26).  Jesus was their risen and eternal Lord, and everyone was going to know about it.  They were known for the love that they had for one another, for their generosity, for their fellowship, for the power of God at work among them and for the freedom that they received – to no longer have to earn salvation but to be able to celebrate that which was given to them.

What about us?  Is that true of you?  Have you been changed?  Are you known as a Christ follower because coming in contact with His life has altered yours?  I pray that you have.  I want you to experience the peace with God, the joy of your salvation, and the power of the Spirit so that you too will be changed and tell the world.  It’s our job.  We are Christ’s ambassadors.  So how has his life altered yours – and how will you use the life and talents you have been given to share this good news with others?  I pray you take some time to think.  Ask around, call or e-mail me.  But let’s not emulate the man that hid the talent he was entrusted with.  Let’s get busy doing the things saved people do.  Celebrate, rejoice, be changed – and tell others!

                                                                        Striving alongside you for the prize,