For as long as I can remember people have always been teaching us about being good teammates. Whether it’s a project at work, something you are doing at home with the family, being a part of a team, or even just doing stuff at school, being a good teammate is something that we are encouraged to be from a young age.

            My first memory of really being a part of a team was when I was in Kindergarten or so and we played in the town soccer league. I remember being on the team with a bunch of kids that I kind of knew. Some were athletic, some were not as gifted. The whole point was to learn how to play the game but, it turned into something more like the circus act. Every day whether it be practice or a game, they would tell us to work together. To help each other out. Learn how to talk to one another, and my favorite, tell them to stop picking their nose! We weren’t that good at soccer, but we learned what it meant to be a teammate.

            Being a teammate and teamwork is important. Teamwork can help solve problems. Teamwork enables ideas and responsibilities to be shared. Teamwork can open doors that might not otherwise be open. Teamwork allows people to use the gifts and abilities that God has given them to further the Kingdom and spread the Good News. Tim Tebow recently spoke at Harding University and said the following, “Teamwork is important. We don’t always need the same person to duplicate themselves. We want to go out and find people that are called and equipped in different ways. The Church should be the best form of teamwork.”

            At Northeast we want you. You have gifts and abilities that God has given you. This morning would you consider where you can put your talents and abilities? Age isn’t a factor. Everyone has something they are good at. It might be communicating, it might be storytelling, it could be as simple as handing out a snack or greeting people in the lobby. As we go through 2022, how can you be involved in the church in a way that you might not have been before? There are plenty of doors to be opened. These doors aren’t meant for just a few to be involved but for many.

            Teamwork is the reason we are here today. We had a problem, that being sin. We didn’t have a solution but God did. When God sent Jesus to the earth, the solution was given. You see the best example of a teammate and of teamwork comes from our Savior. Not only did Jesus teach us about God, but He opened the door for us to have a relationship with the Father and he paid the price that none of us could pay. Jesus paid it all. This year please consider how you can be involved in the church and the community. When we work together, we can open doors to spread the Good News of Jesus.

Mark Casella