Wasted Opportunities

Wasted Opportunities

This past week I was able to experience the National Conference on Children’s and Youth Ministries. It was a huge blessing to be surrounded by fellow youth ministers who share the same love of sharing Jesus with others, but also share the difficult times as well. Throughout the week I listened to some amazing peers and teachers who encouraged and edified us. I taught a class on family ministry and it was an exciting time to help other ministers think and process new ideas.

            But something stuck out to me. What happens if you get all this information and do nothing with it? What if you hear all the ideas but just let it go to waste? It becomes a wasted opportunity.

            How often do we waste opportunities? Our world has become so busy in the last 12 months or so after being so quiet. It’s easy to say that we are too busy to be here or there, we are too busy to be anywhere. We are too busy to change our routines, or to talk to people, or reach out to those who we haven’t seen in a while. We are so busy that we walk past daily opportunities to share the Gospel or to see the person in need who needs help.

            But that’s not the biggest wasted opportunity. The biggest wasted opportunity is when we don’t make time to process the Word and allow the Word to make a life changing impact on us. A lot of us will show up on Sunday Morning. Maybe we will make it for class. Some will show up on Sunday Night. When Wednesday comes there will be some too. But what are we doing with God’s Word when it’s not Sunday? What are we doing with God’s Word the other 6 days of the week? For a lot of us we are too busy that we forget to open God’s Word and soak in His goodness and truth.

            Wasted opportunities. The sad thing about them is that you can’t get them back. The Good News is… You can start making the most of those opportunities. If you have wasted opportunities in your life, you can start making the most of your opportunities today. This week open your Bible and soak it in. Use your prayer life and make it a habit. Show the light of the Bible with someone this week. Let’s start making the most of our opportunities to bring glory to God.

Be Blessed,

Mark Casella