There is a Table

There is a Table

I went to a pretty big High School growing up. It consisted of 7 local communities where all the students gathered together.  At lunch time all of the underclassman gathered in the cafeteria. Seniors were lucky and were able to eat lunch elsewhere. As a freshman, I remember walking into a huge room for lunch. There were hundreds of people in that room and there seemed like 100 lunch tables too. There were many times where I would walk around the cafeteria looking for a place to belong just to find nothing. A few friends of mine would sometimes find a table if we were quick enough but, we normally weren’t. It’s a long walk from the third floor far wing to the first floor.

            Every now and then I would try to sit at a different table. And almost every time I was rejected. There were many different reasons but each one always hurt. One day that changed and I remember being invited over to a table with a few people. It didn’t last long but it felt good to have a place at the table.

            In my office I often listen to the radio while I work. I have to have background noise or I can’t think straight. Working in a noisy environment for a few years will do that to you. Recently a new song has come out by Jonathan Traylor. It’s titled, “The Table”. The song begins with a description of a table filled with the best food. The first time I heard this song I pictured Jesus and His Disciples around the table, but not just the original disciples. It was a table filled with people. The song then described the Father calling you because there is a spot just for you.

            You see, at this table all is forgiven. Chains of bondage are gone and replaced with crowns of freedom. This table is full of new beginnings, the cups represent unending love. At this table there are no orphans, just a loving father with his sons and daughters.

            It’s a beautiful picture. It is a picture that you belong in. Jesus is calling you to the table. At this table there is a place just for you. There is no condemnation at this table. This is a table where you are wanted. There is a desire for you to join this table. What is keeping you from this table?

            Each Sunday we come to gather and worship our Lord and Savior. This morning take your seat at the table. Know that the Father is welcoming you with open arms. Although the world may not want you, the Father does. The world might point out your flaws, but the Father makes you strong. Take your seat at the table with the Father. If you haven’t taken your seat yet, what is keeping you from that choice? There is a new beginning at this table. Join the Father and the family at the table.

            There is a table. Can you hear the Father calling you? There is a seat just for you. Respond to the Father’s call and take your seat at the table.

                                                                                                                              Mark Casella