When you were a child, what was a word that was gross or icky to you back then but now sounds a lot better to you? When I was young, “mow the grass” was one of those icky words. That is until I learned I liked mowing the grass as long as it wasn’t on a hill. As I got closer to college the word changed… to Lecture. At that time, I couldn’t stand lectures. Some person would get up in front of you and go on for what seemed like forever. Then I got older, and I matured more.

            Now when I look at the word lecture, and more specifically lectureship, I get excited because I know what it brings. It brings thoughtful lessons. It means time in the Word. It means catching up with old friends. It also means meeting new people. What is more important though is the importance of lectureship.

            We were blessed to be able to attend the 98th Lectureship at Harding University. I have been a part of every lectureship, except for three, since 2010 and this one was everything we needed. As we sat there and listened to multiple people speak, I thought about what we need as Christians to help us have resilience in a difficult world. Many of our situations are currently like that and if they aren’t, you will find a time eventually where it will be difficult. I believe that three things can help ground us in our faith to help us be resilient in our current situations.

            The first is to Pray. We need to spend time in communication with God. To talk to Him and to share what’s going on whether it’s good or bad. God is real, yet sometimes we talk like it’s a one-way street instead of an open line of communication. 1 Thessalonians 5:17 reminds us, “Pray without ceasing.” We should do that at all times. 

            The second is to Read the Scriptures. How do you get to know someone better? You spend time with them. How do you learn your spelling for the big spelling test? You spend time with them. We need to be reading the Scriptures so that we can continue to learn more about God, but also to challenge ourselves and our thinking. Reading the Scriptures helps us grow as Christians, but also challenges us to think about what God really would like us to do.

            Finally, surround ourselves with like-minded Christians who will help support us, but also help challenge us and keep us accountable. 1 Corinthians 12:14-15, Romans 12:5, Acts 2, and 1 Thessalonians 5:11 are just a few examples in the New Testament that tell us why it’s important for us to be together. We have different functions to help each other, we all bring something to the table, but most importantly, together we can help point one another back to the Cross. Surrounding yourself with like-minded believers helps you when you need someone to help you stand up, but also keeps you strong when it’s hard to be resilient.

            There are plenty of times where we will need to be resilient. My prayer is that you will continue to pray and make it an important part of each day. That you will continue to read the Scriptures and to see what God is trying to communicate to us. And lastly, I pray that you can surround yourself with people that can not only lift you up, but you can help lift them up. These three things are just the beginning of being a resilient Christian in times of trouble. But one thing we do know is that there is one true God and He is on our side. With God in our life, He will provide us with everything we need to be resilient when everything else in the world says we can’t.

Be Blessed,

Mark Casella

King of My Life