What! It’s VBS 2021?!?!

What! It’s VBS 2021?!?!

Summer time has come. With summer time comes lots of fun things. Family vacations, beach trips, youth group days, late sleepy mornings, and lots of adventures are all expected with summer time. One of those things that is quickly barreling down the tracks like a runaway freight train is VBS!

            This year VBS won’t take place on one specific week or vacation. Instead we will be hosting VBS on Wednesday Evenings throughout July from 6:30-8:00. Wednesday evening is a time that we normally come together already although we will be at the building a little bit longer. One of the reasons we are doing Wednesday Night VBS is that it also allows VBS to run alongside the Adult Bible Class so that while we open the doors to all of the kids, we also have an opportunity to reach their parents and grandparents at the same time! VBS will be open to all students up through 5th grade. Our 6th-12th graders will be able to help run VBS in different ways and be involved in the process. VBS is a great family participation event!

  Our theme for this year is “Under Construction: Building on God’s Purpose for My Life”. We will be looking at how we are constantly growing and being shaped as we grow closer to God. Each night will have a different theme. Our four themes are “Know God”, “Love God”, “Enjoy God”, and “Glorify God”. The goal of these nights is to help point our children in the direction of growing closer to God through their experiences. We are always Under Construction and building on God’s purpose for us.

            There will be lots of opportunities to be involved. We will have 4 stations run each night. We need happy, warm people who are willing to welcome people to the building, people to check in our students, security to walk the halls and keep an eye on the children, and so much more. Be looking for a sign-up sheet in the foyer soon! The best part is we are super flexible! If you can help all four weeks, that’s great! But if you are busy or going out of town and can only help a week or two, then we can still use you! Be prayerful about how you can impact VBS and the students in our church and community!

            VBS Wednesday Nights will be here soon! We are super excited and looking forward to a lot of fun! We hope to see you and your families there too!

Mark Casella

Trust and Obey