52 Weeks, 52 Chapter every person should know.

            It seems hard to believe but it is almost the New Year. 2020 is just about over (finally) and the New Year brings new opportunities. Growing up I remember Bible Class teachers and the Preacher mentioning that the New Year meant it was time to start a new Bible reading plan. As a kid I would groan. That seems like a lot of reading and in truth it can be. But what we want to introduce this year, especially to our youth, is #FIFTY2K21.

            #FIFTY2K21 is our reading plan for 2021. Instead of reading the whole Bible or the whole New or Old Testaments, we have put together 52 chapters from the Bible that through conversations with people, elders, teachers, preachers, and more believe that we should know. There is a whole week to read the chapter but what we would like to do is interact with the scripture more than that. Here is what a week would look like.

Sunday: Read the Chapter
Monday: Highlight or Underline one part of the chapter
Tuesday: Pray Through the chapter
Wednesday: Express something from the chapter via art or social media (use #FIFTY2K21 on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and tag the church!)
Thursday: Read the chapter out loud with a friend (Not an immediate family member)
Friday: Journal about 1 way the chapter applies to your current situation
Saturday: Read the chapter again 

            Throughout the next year we want to challenge all of our youth to take part in #FIFTY2K21 and to dive into the Bible. Not only that but we challenge you, the one reading this, to take part in #FIFTY2K21. Maybe you can reach out to another person to be their support system and to encourage them on their reading journey. Throughout the year we want to Jump into the Word, Pray through the Word, Express the Word, Share the Word with others, and to Apply the Word into our lives. #FIFTY2K21 is more than just a reading plan, it is a tool you can use to help the Scripture be a more prominent part of your life.

            We hope you join us on our Scripture journey starting Sunday January 3rd! There is a copy of the reading schedule in the foyer and you will be able to find it online shortly as well via Facebook and www.northeastchurch.org/youthandfamilyministry 

Be blessed!
Mark Casella