Come to the Table

Come to the Table

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. To me it is a holiday that brings people together and allows us to take a minute to catch up with each other, especially family. In all of my Thanksgivings, I remember that for almost every single one of them we either traveled somewhere to see family or that family traveled to see us. It was a time where we saw people for maybe one of the few times the whole year because of where they lived.

            Everywhere we gathered for Thanksgiving had its own unique look and feel to it. Some Thanksgivings were smaller and quieter but others were packed, loud, and you’re not sure if all of the kids were accounted for. Last year there were 33 people, I believe, at Thanksgiving. Each Thanksgiving always has plenty of food. I personally always look forward to the turkey. I could eat Thanksgiving turkey almost all year long. There are always sides, some sort of bread, and of course, dessert. If you could think of the food, it was probably there. There were very few Thanksgivings where I could remember the food being just ok, but I know that they did their best to make it.

            Despite all of the food, the traveling, and the people in attendance, there is something else about Thanksgiving that stands out. There is always an open seat for you. That seat welcomes you to the table and it calls your name when it is announced that all of the food is ready to go. Sometimes it is at the adult table, sometimes it’s at the kids table, sometimes its somewhere else but there is always a seat. That’s the warm part of Thanksgiving. There is a place for you to come to the table, to eat and to fellowship.

            Christ has also offered us a seat at the table. In Luke 22:7-23, we find ourselves at the table with Jesus. He has called his Disciples together with Him to prepare for the Passover. They are in a large upper room together and at the right hour Jesus comes and reclines at the table with them (Vs 14). Jesus has called all of them together to break the bread and to drink the fruit of the vine together. He explains that we do this in remembrance of Him. The bread represents Jesus body that was given for us (vs 19) and the cup represents the new covenant in His blood (vs 20). These are things that Jesus has asked us to do but there is something else that is very important. He is calling you to the Table.

            Jesus calls for you to come to the table. The table is open for any and all who are willing to come to it. It reminds us of our Lord and Savior. The Table reminds us that all who are hungry and thirsty will be filled by our Savior. We need to come take our seat at the Table with Jesus. This seat is open for everyone, all we need to do is hear Jesus call us and respond to Him. He calls all who are hungry and thirsty to come to the Table. He doesn’t say that everything needs to be perfect. Jesus wants you and everything you bring with you to the Table so you can give it all to Him and to let Jesus be the one that guides your life. I hope this week you hear the call of Jesus. I hope you make the choice to walk towards Him and sit at the Table with your eyes fixated on Him.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving,
Mark Casella