Change the World

Change the World

I like it when things don’t take long to happen. When I am mowing the grass at our house, I wish I could snap my fingers and the grass be totally taken care of. Cut perfectly, looking nice, and keeping my neighbors from looking at me because I don’t cut my grass every week. But sometimes things take time to happen. I have a bad habit of not wanting to drink just pure water. Habits are hard to break. As time has gone on, I have gotten better at drinking water but the key is that it takes time. It took time for me to make water something I drink without thinking I have to drink it.

It reminds me of a story that I have heard multiple times of a lady named Phyllis. Phyllis has spent many years of her life in the nursery at church taking care of and rocking the babies of the church. Not only did she rock them on Sunday Mornings, but also during Bible studies, social events, and other times that the church met together. One baby at a time she would rock them. She would rock them while they cried, while they make the sweet (and sometimes worrisome) faces back at her, and while they slept. Not only that, but she would pray for them and their futures as well as for their parents. She prays that each baby be brought back so that they can be filled up with love before going back out into the world.

Phyllis might not ever know the impact she has on the babies or their families. She might not see them grow up or what they become as they grow up. She doesn’t know how God is using that time to help grow the parents. But she is a source that helps them take each day, one step at a time, to help provide a solid rock to grow upon. One day at a time she helps pour into and invests in the children and in their futures.

In Luke chapter 2 we find the story of Jesus when he was 12 years old. We find Jesus’ parents leave from a festival only to realize that Jesus is missing. They eventually find him in the temple where he is sitting among the religious leaders. Not just sitting there, but learning and asking questions. The story ends in verse 52 which says, “Jesus grew in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and all the people.” From the birth of Jesus until his adult ministry, Jesus is growing in wisdom, in stature, and in favor with God.

This process of growth is important. Jesus went through this process of growth just as all of our children do as well. Phyllis knows this process and plays a big part in it with the simple idea of rocking each child and taking care of them. Small things can play a big role in bigger future things. This morning think about how you can make a big impact. Maybe it is rocking the babies in the nursery, or helping pass out communion trays. Maybe you can refill the pencils in the auditorium or sit by someone who is alone. Maybe you can assist in a classroom or even just pick up a piece of trash after service or help a parent out as their child screams while holding onto the edge of a pew. The point is that even things that seem small to us in the day to day life we live can make a bigger impact on the world around us and in the Kingdom of God. What can you do?

Be Blessed,
Mark Casella