The Power of Love

The Power of Love

            Last week we had the honor of taking some of our youth to the Knoxville Work Camp. It was a hot beginning to the week and a rainy end to the week but overall it was a great week. 135 teenagers chose to take a week of their summer break and devote it to serving other people. It would be one thing to serve people who you see everyday, but these teens gave up a week to serve people they might not know at all.

            As a group there were a lot of things that were accomplished. A fence was built to help keep a neighbor to the Community Garden within City Building Codes, toys were cleaned so young children could play without fear of getting sick, a house was restored and a sidewalk built, a wall was knocked down, and love given to a rundown Boys and Girls Club, and so many more projects. These kids worked their tails off at Work Camp.

            The point of Work Camp isn’t about all the work that was accomplished. One aspect of camp is meeting new Christian friends and building those bonds. Another aspect was showing love to the community and to the people who are around us each and every day. All of these tasks help show people what God’s love is. Actions can help people see God working in their life.

            This year’s theme was also “The Power of Love” based off of the Huey Lewis song that debuted in June 1985 and was featured in the blockbuster film Back to the Future. We got the lessons from the following part of the song:

             You don’t need money, don’t take fame, Don’t need no credit card to ride this               train.

            It’s strong and it’s sudden and it’s cruel sometimes. But, it might just save                      your life.

           That’s the power of Love.

            Huey Lewis was dropping some truth bombs back in 1985. We don’t need money to make us happy, we definitely don’t need fame. We don’t need to rely on that credit card and we know that love can be cruel sometimes. (Just ask some of our students).  But love might just save your life.

            I only have a problem with the lyrics when we talk about how love might just save our lives. The reason for that is because love has saved our lives. God sent Jesus down to live among us, to teach us, be the example for us, and then die on the Cross for our sins. God loves us. Jesus loves us because he was willing to go through everything. He took the weight of the sins of the world and carried them on His shoulders. The power of love saves us because without that love we would be lost in the wilderness of life.

            Helping others is an amazing thing, but the most important lesson that a lot of students learned last week is that the work helped show other people what the love of God looks like. They introduced people to something that is way bigger than the work that was accomplished. They introduced people to the love of Jesus. The love that is bigger than our situations that we live in, our problems that we have, and the sin that we carry. The love of Jesus is an amazing joy that we need to share with people around us.

            Love is mentioned 310 times in the King James Version of the Bible. 131 times in the Old Testament and 179 times in the New Testament. How many times have you shared the love of God and the love of Jesus with someone who you have crossed paths with? Share the power of love this week. 

Mark Casella