Come to the Feast by Gene Taylor

Come to the Feast by Gene Taylor

Because of the long hours I spend in my office, many of them alone, sometimes things get a little quiet. The radio on in the background breaks the silence but it is still somewhat lonely.

While stretching or taking a break, I usually go to the exterior doors near my office and look out their windows since the only window in the study is quite high and about all I can see while sitting in my chair is the sky and the very tops of the trees. While standing at those doors I have often seen birds in the woods just beyond the holding pond. I am not a bird expert but even I have noted several different varieties.

A few weeks ago I had to go to the hardware store to pick up some things I needed to do some minor repairs around the house. While walking down one of its aisles, I came upon the section where they displayed birdhouses and feeders. I paused just to see what kind of feeders they had. One caught my eye and appealed to my pocketbook because it was the least expensive one there but it seemed to be what I wanted. It was a small feeder that attached with suction cups to a window. It also had a little thermometer on it so you could know the outside temperature from the comfort of inside. I thought, “I could attach this to my office window over the place where I normally sit at the computer. Then, I’ll be able to watch the birds while working and at the same time provide a good source of food for them especially since winter is coming on soon.” It seemed to make sense — entertainment for me and food for them.

I picked up the feeder and a small bag of wild bird seed and made my way to the checkouts. I drove to the building to install my feeder. I unwrapped it, assembled its pieces, cleaned the exterior of my office window, affixed the feeder with the suction cups, filled it with seed, and then went back inside to wait for the birds to come.

No birds. I remembered reading on the box, “It may take several days before the birds find the feeder, don’t be discouraged. Once they find it, they will become regular visitors, as long as you keep it filled.”

“OK,” I thought, “I can wait a couple of days.” It has been four weeks and still no birds. The feeder has the same seed I first put in it. It is still filled to the very top. “Don’t those birds know they’ve got a good thing here — an abundance of food and more if they will just wise up and figure out the feeder is for them?”

In Luke 14:15-24 Jesus taught a parable about a man who had made a great feast and announced, “Come, for all things are now ready.” But those who were invited spurned his invitation. Jesus was illustrating how the “feast” of good things He could provide was ready for the Jews to share but they rejected His invitation and turned their backs upon Him. “How sad,” we think, “To be able to share in the rich bounty the Lord has provided and yet want no part of it. How could those Jews spurn such an invitation?”

Of course, we know why they refused. They had closed their ears, eyes and minds to Jesus and would not acknowledge what He was doing was for them (Matthew 13:14-15). Out of love, Jesus was ready to provide for them eternally. But they would not come to Him. How about you?