Mission South Haiti – Church of Christ Delmas 43, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Mission South Haiti – Church of Christ Delmas 43, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Dear Families in the Lord’s Church,

Good morning and happy New Year 2019 to you all, we hope you’ve enjoyed God’s blessings of all kind for the year 2018. Stay faithful and keep rejoicing in Jesus-Christ our precious Savior!  2018 was good year for Mission South Haiti at the Delmas Church of Christ. Even though our country and our city have experienced heartbreak, uplifting, turmoil, political unrests and social disorders, the people of the living God have responded. We have seen our Evangelistic Mission Works and the Delmas School of Preaching grow in new, important ways. Every seminar, baptism, work of justice, spiritual efforts and campaign in our midst, has been incredible. We are so thankful to lead and serve in the Lord’s Kingdom. This has been a landmark year in quantity and quality. Your continued generosity, and God’s continued grace, is evidence of the spiritual formation and maturity that we have all experienced. Thank you for your commitment.

We have witnessed God move in the lives of thousands of people through services, the Delmas Groups, equip classes, student and children’s ministries, and special events throughout the year. And it’s through you that so many lives were changed. You volunteered, gave generously. We are extremely grateful for the Central Church in Sarasota, the Northeast Church in Kingsport, Tennessee, Ted Garner and the Atlanta Road Church, Bob Patterson, and Scott White for the way they love God and the way they love the work. Last summer as we were praying, the Lord gave us a burden for the harvest.  He placed on our hearts the story about the laborers going out into the fields and reaping the harvest. This is where we believe we’re headed as a church family in 2019.  Jesus also said the harvest is plentiful, it’s ripe, it’s ready to go! But pray to the Lord for the laborers, because the laborers are few (Matthew 9:37). Sometimes we pray for the wrong things. We pray for the harvest, but Jesus tells us we really need to pray for the laborers. In other words, the seeds have been planted, the rains (our prayers) have watered the fields, and the harvest is ready! Now we need the laborers to harvest the fields!

We need to feel the urgency of winning people to Christ, witnessing, and sharing our testimonies. And we do this by telling people about what God’s done in our lives and by trusting Him to do the rest. Your testimony is not how bad you were, it is how good God was and is to you. People are ripe for harvest if someone would just tell them, simply tell them what God has done for us. This year we want you to start praying specifically for the ‘Go’ program, let’s pray for the boldness to share our stories and testimonies.

Thanks for all you do in season and out of season, you mean a lot to the Lord’s Kingdom.

Stay committed, blessed and mission-minded!

Carlo S. Mardy – Chairman Elder,  Duquesne Prophete – Treasurer Board of Trustees, Jean Robert St-Hilaire – Mission Minister

(letter has been condensed and edited for space)