Sweetheart Banquet

Sweetheart Banquet

February is right around the corner! What that means for us is that Winterfest is right around the corner but before that, we have another important church event! The Annual Sweetheart Banquet. The Northeast Church of Christ Youth and Family Ministry would like to invite you to our Banquet on February 2nd from 5:30 – 7:00pm. There is a sign up sheet in the foyer to let us know how much food to make. All that we ask from you is 2 dollars.

You might be wondering what the Sweetheart Banquet is all about. It is a night of service from our Youth and Family Ministry. Our students (Grades 3-12) will take the time to prepare the meal for the evening, set up the tables, and also help serve all the meals. You never know what entertainment will arise on the evening as well. Our tables are often set up with conversation starters and short games. This year we are excited to be serving a Spaghetti and grilled chicken dinner with garlic bread, salad, and a mystery dessert. These students put a lot of effort into making the evening enjoyable and making sure you leave full!

The only thing we ask from you is 2 dollars. These two dollars will help offset the cost of the meal with any proceeds going to help towards the cost of future youth trips this year. You will not be disappointed!

The Sweetheart Banquet is for all ages! You can bring your significant other, your grandparents, parents, friends, or even just yourself! We are looking to bring the church family together for an evening of food, fellowship, and amusement. All of us from the Youth and Family Ministry hope to see you there as we come to the dinner table together!

Be Blessed this week!

Mark Casella