Written in Stone

Written in Stone

I want to begin by saying thank you for allowing Ann and I to attend the 95th Lectureship at Harding University this past week. It has been a big blessing for us to go back to Harding and visit the community of believers as well as to hear lots of great lectures from various places. Worship in the evenings had over 1000 people. It was truly a great and uplifting experience for us.

The main text for the week was found in Exodus chapter 20 surrounding God and Moses on the mountain. God gives these commands to Moses that was to be brought down to the people. The first three commands are ones about things you don’t do before God. No one is to be placed before God, no one is to make an image in God’s place, and no one is to take the name of the Lord in vain. Then there is a command to remember the Sabbath and keep it holy. We find a command about honoring our parents. Then the last five commandments remind us about things we should not do. They include killing, adultery, stealing, lying, and coveting. All of these commands were given to us by God and have a purpose for us even still today.

As I reflect on the Ten Commandments and the meaning behind them I can’t help but think of two big impacts that they have on us today. The first one is that the Ten Commandments help keep us on the right track with God. They remind us of the importance of God and where He should be in our lives. God should be the most important piece in our lives and these things help us stay on track.

The second impact it has today is that it gives us a formula for how we should live our lives. God is God and nothing can take His place. We need to use our language in a way that is pleasing to God and is not in vain. Names are important. We need to rest. Not only is it good for us, but the time we use in rest can be used in a way that helps us focus and be energized by God. It reminds us to honor our parents, the ones who gave us life, raised us, and hopefully taught us about the Lord. Finally, God ends the Ten Commandments with things we shouldn’t do to each other. When we kill we are taking someone’s basic rights to life, when we commit adultery we take something that isn’t ours as is the case when we steal. We are not to give a false witness, and we are not to covet things that we don’t have. If we follow these things like the Lord has asked us to do, then imagine what our lives would be like! What would we truly look like as Christians?

Although the Ten Commandments were given to Moses a long time ago, the words still have a ton of meaning for us today. If these words were not meant to be taken so seriously I doubt God would have met Moses on the mountain to talk about them. I’m not sure where you stand with God in your life at the moment. You might be struggling, you might have fallen away, you might not be where you need to be, or you might think you are in a good spot. Whatever the case may be I want to challenge you to look at the Ten Commandments and reflect upon how you live these out in your daily walk.

Be Blessed
Mark Casella