Art In Me

Art In Me

We traveled on a long trip this past weekend to New Hampshire and back. One of the most popular things to do in a car is to listen to music. One of these songs happened to be “Art in Me” by Jars of Clay. It’s an older song but one that has a nice story behind it. I thought about inner city ministry and some of the kids I had worked with in Newport, Arkansas. A place that was dirty and filthy. No one really cared about these people in the bigger community but they all had a story in life. Life wasn’t easy for most of these people but not all of them had given up. Some of them wanted to change their story to make it better. They wanted a beautiful story.

Think of a big room in an old building that was once used to show off art work. This room hasn’t been opened for a while but you decide to go in. When you enter the room and remove all of the cob webs you see these old canvas paintings. Time has taken a toll on them and they are dirty and dark. These paintings could tell a story but right now no one can see it behind all of the dirt. They need someone to come clean them up. To restore them from the damage they have received to show their beauty.

If we looked at a picture book of life we could turn endless pages of tragedy, of damage, of brokenness. People looking for places of hope and of beauty. A place to turn their life around and to see the light in life. This world is in need of someone who can offer hope and peace. Someone who can restore the life to where it once was before the darkness took it. This person is Jesus.

Jesus is the one who can take the darkness and make it light. He can take our lives and turn them into a symphony that sings but also one that tells a story. Jesus takes our lives and lets the world see the art in ourselves. This art tells the world how Jesus is working in your life. The hope that Jesus gives you and the light that He provides in a dark world. Just as someone can restore paintings so that the world can see the art in them, Jesus does the same thing for us. He restores us, heals us, helps us, provides for us, and helps us shine in this world.

How is your art in you? Is it telling the story of pain and darkness? Or is it telling the story of light and hope? The story of how the Savior is helping change you in many different ways? Are you an image on the sidewalk that has been washed away by the storms of life? Or are you a canvas that is being taken care of by the greatest artist of all? Jesus provides for us, but Jesus also sees the art in us and is a part of that story. How is Jesus being a part of your story? Jesus can turn any canvas into a beautiful piece of art.

Be Blessed,                                                                                                                                             Mark