Winterfest 2018 – IF

Winterfest 2018 – IF

“Therefore there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.” Romans 8:1

Winterfest 2018 is officially in the books! It was a great weekend for the whole group! If you were not able to go this year we hope that you will be able to next year but we also wanted to share some of our experience with you as well.

Friday afternoon was an interesting day to head down to Gatlinburg. As we headed out we left later than we planned to because of school but we had some great help from Charlene Harris and Lynn Swallows making sure the hotel rooms were good to go and by switching us to late session so we wouldn’t miss anything. We had to wait in the rain to get in but it was well worth it. Friday night we talked about how Christ sets us free from the law. We also talked about the focus of life from an “If I” perspective to one of “If God.” When we make that shift in our lives we focus more on Him and the things that we need to be doing for Him.

Saturday morning gave us a break from the rain. We went back to the convention center and had some fellowship together in line again. We talked about being heirs to Christ as well as being people of the Spirit. For the afternoon we split off into groups and let them explore Gatlinburg with chaperones. God granted us some warm weather and then shared a lot of rain with us! Most of us ended up soaked except for those who took advantage of the hotel pool! We got back in line for the evening session but were able to be under the roof and stayed dry.

Saturday night we talked about living from the perspective of “if God.” We talked about being committed to Him whether you are just learning about God, been committed but have slipped, or from wherever you are at. There were students who said they wanted to be a part of helping future young people in learning about God. We had some who also made the decision to take on Christ because of the impact He has on their lives. We baptized Caleb and Ashleigh at the hotel early Sunday morning! Praise God!

Winterfest was a big success for our group this year. I want to thank you for it. Thank you for supporting the trip and supporting our students! Thank you for supporting the van we took down and the hotel rooms we stayed in. A big thank you to parents and chaperones who help make these trips possible! Your support in the lives of our students helps them grow now but also helps them grow in the future. Thank you for being a part of the memories these students make and helping them reach moments in their lives where they can experience God and work on their relationships with each other and the Church body.

Reflect Him,
Mark Casella