Happy Fall!

Happy Fall!

What a week!  First of all, I’d like to say a big thank you to Mandy Cline and Glenda Fannon for all the work they put in to plan and organize our Fall Festival!  Also, I am so grateful for everyone else that bought supplies, brought things from home, ran the different booths (especially Jane for risking traumatic head injuries as the kids whipped their ‘clothes pin fishing lines’ over the set-up at her with reckless abandon), those that got here early to set up, ice drinks and cook the hotdogs, those that went and picked up and later retuned the bounce house and popcorn machine, served food, spent time talking with visitors, helped clean up… and even Lynn for taking the difficult job of guarding the warmer with the extra hot dogs!  It truly was a group effort and we couldn’t have done it without you.

I personally thought it was a great event and I heard the same from many of you and our visitors.  The best part was not only that it was fun, but it provided an opportunity for our kids to be able to invite their friends and for many of you to have a low stress way to talk to others about your church family. And that is really what these events are all about.  Opportunities.  Opportunities for you to have something special to be able to invite someone to.  I love you guys, but others don’t know you yet… so these kinds of opportunities relieve the pressure of the “first visit”.  They allow your friends to meet us and see what you have found, and also provides a launching point from which you can continue the conversation, talk and study with them about questions they have and even invite them to come again.

I say all that because, here shortly we will be hosting another couple of opportunities that I hope you will be inviting people to:

 Chili Cook-off – November 5th
In lieu of our normal Life Group meetings, we will gather together in the Fellowship Hall NEXT SUNDAY for a devotional at 5:00 PM, which will then be followed by a Chili cook off and time of fellowship/game night.  I’m looking forward to tasting your wonderful recipes and meeting your friends!  Who knows, maybe a visitor will win!

Friends Day – November 19th
Once again it will be catered by Braeden’s BBQ, we will have a bounce house and staffed playground on top of our great classes, times of worship together and your warm smiling faces… so invite, invite, invite! J

 Be praying that God will open doors and give you both the reminder and motivation/backbone to live a life that reflects his mercy and grace as well as one that takes advantage of every opportunity to talk about Him and invite people to come see what you have found!

Striving alongside you for the prize,