Carry Out Your Assignment

Carry Out Your Assignment

I don’t know about you – but I’ve been pretty excited for football season to roll around again. I saw something posted online about how people are glad that now we get to stop fighting and hating one another over things like politics… and we can finally begin to hate each other over things that really matter like college football. I know that’s ridiculous and I hope we don’t hate each other at all, and that we allow our love of Jesus to reign in our life each and every day… but I do love football. From the rivalries to just getting to sit back and watch a good game, it’s something I look forward to and also enjoy talking about. Throughout my life I’ve had a lot of conversations with my dad about the changes in football from when he played to today. One of the big changes that has occurred in most coaching systems is the transition from people playing the whole game to having people that specialize in a single position. For example when dad played, he was both the fullback and the middle linebacker who also long snapped and played a little bit of tight end depending on the play.  Really he was all over the place… not just because he was good but because that was the system. Lots of people did it. He’s told me before though that when it would get into the third and especially the fourth quarter, he would be sucking wind and look over to the sideline and see second and third string guys that – sure at the beginning of the game he was a lot better than but – at that point, with how exhausted he was, he was pretty sure they could do a better job than him right then! He was exhausted and they were well rested. By the time I started playing my coach had decided that it was detrimental to the team for most people to play both sides of the ball, and so by in large you had your position and that was it. He recognized that all of us using our talents in more specialized ways made us stronger than just using a few players getting burned out all game long.

Two weeks ago, on Sunday night, Mark got up and gave us a lesson about some of the needs and opportunities for people to serve here in the congregation.  I’m sure you’ve experienced that many hands make light work, but when it comes to “church” are you involved?  Now I know that our gut reaction is usually to think that somebody else is better suited to fill a need, or we feel like that isn’t our gift, or that we’ve already paid our dues some number of years ago and now it’s other people’s turn, or we come up with some excuse and just hope someone else does it, or… well really the list can go on and on.  However, when God looked at us in his great wisdom, he didn’t choose to give us a system where a few people do all the work.  Instead, he tells us “Now you are the body of Christ and individually members of it.” (1 Corinthians 12:27) meaning, we all belong AND we all have a role to play!  You working and functioning as a part of this body is vital to the survival and success of us as a whole!  So what function or process are you involved in?  Who are you serving and also how are you benefitting from the others here?  That second part is pretty important to understand as well.  As you plug in here it’s not just about what you bring to the body, but also what being a part of the body does for you!  God intends for us to support, encourage, strengthen, admonish, build up and minister to one another… giving and taking… moving forward and growing together so that we become the people he wants and knows we can be (because he made us to be).

So I ask you, are you a part of the body of Christ?  If so, what function or process are you involved in?  If you are ready to let God work through you but need some ideas, please don’t hesitate to talk to me, Mark or one of the Elders because we would be happy to pray with you and do our best to point you in the right direction.  Don’t wait any longer… we need you here! J

Striving alongside you for the prize,

Psalm 51