Sometimes we all have that moment. The moment where we go from having a blank spaced out memory to having a genius thought or where everything just clicks. Have you ever stared at your test paper during school but had no thoughts? But then out of nowhere everything finally comes back to you? Or did you struggle to learn a skill until it finally comes together. Click!

This feeling of “click” is something that we all go through at some point in life. We finally have the idea. We have finally figured it out! One of the things I enjoy doing is watching our son learn new things. When he was learning how to roll over from his back to his belly, he had figured it all out until he got to the part where he had to tuck his arm under to roll. As I watched you could see that he was frustrated because he was almost all of the way over but he still couldn’t make it all the way. It took about a week before he finally realized his own arm was stopping him from rolling. Once He figured it out he rolled and rolled and rolled.

There are a lot of times in our own lives that we come across these “click” moments that help us connect better to God. That could be a time that everything you learned came together and you decide to be baptized. Or it could be a moment where you are alone in the wilderness and you feel God’s presence. We don’t always take time to spend with God but when we do we can find out lots of things.

It isn’t just us who get this “click” moment. I think a lot of the characters in the Bible did as well. Moments where it was, “Aha! Now I see where you were going with that Lord!” I can see the disciples listening to Jesus and hearing parables but not fully understanding what they are. Then later on they see the results of what Jesus had spoken about. CLICK! When Jesus is crucified. There was a period where they had to wait to Jesus to raise up.  When Jesus had risen from the grave, it was one of the biggest “click” moments of them all. Finally all of Jesus teachings had come together and made sense. Everything that was being worked for before was true and Jesus kept all of His promises. Aha! Click!

Click moments are important for us. It can come at any moment in time but it normally helps us to understand something more. Or to feel something more. Click is when it all comes together. Maybe you have already felt this moment? Share it with someone! You never know when your “click” moment becomes someone else’s too! Maybe you haven’t had that moment yet. Keep searching for the Lord. At anytime you could be presented with the “click” moment and everything will make sense to you!

Click! The moment when everything comes together and we understand the need for the relationship with Christ in our lives and we do something about it.

Mark Casella