Kid’s Closet

Kid’s Closet

We had our back to school Kids’ Closet event on Saturday, August 5th.  We had seven families for a total of 19 children to participate.  Several of the families were regular participants who really count on our Kids’ Closet to provide school clothing for their children.  Thank you to all who donated clothing and to those who helped out on Saturday, including Mike, Ramona, Faith and Hope Fulkerson, Wendy Sutherland, Billie Lancaster, Jane Luethke and Kim and Kelly Horne.

We have been hosting the Kids’ Closet on a less frequent and irregular schedule for the past year because our supply of clothing has not been high enough to have it monthly like we used to do.  However, this plan seems to have resulted in even fewer donations for the Kids’ Closet and confusion for participants who are not sure when we will be having the Kids’ Closet.  Therefore, we have decided to start hosting the Kids’ Closet every other month, on the first Saturday of the month, from 9am until 11am.  

Our plan for the next year is to host Kids’ Closet on the following dates:
Saturday, October 7th
Saturday, December 2nd
Saturday, February 3rd
Saturday, April 7th
Saturday, June 2nd
Saturday, August 4th

Wendy Sutherland and I are working to send postcards to people who have come to the Kids’ Closet in the past 2 years to update them on our new schedule.  I will post a list of needed items in the bulletin for those who are willing to shop for Kids’ Closet.  Some people find really great deals at clearance sales, garage sales or consignment shops.  Hopefully, we can increase enthusiasm and donations for the Kids’ Closet so that we can keep it going.  We do have several people who really depend on us to help them out with clothes for their children.

As a reminder, we accept new socks and underwear in all sizes and new or gently used clothing and shoes in sizes for infants through teens.  We do not have the space to stock dress clothes so please only donate clothing that would be appropriate for school or day care.  If clothing was purchased for someone over the age of 25, we probably can’t use it for the Kids’ Closet because the teens won’t choose it.

Please contact me if you have any questions.  As always, thank you for your time and donations to Kids’ Closet.

Tacy Bonner