Meet Mark, Ann, and Emmett Casella

Meet Mark, Ann, and Emmett Casella

We would like for you to meet the Youth & Family Minister Candidate who will be with us next weekend, July 14th – 16th. As was mentioned in last week’s “The Connection”, there will be various opportunities for you to get acquainted with them.

Mark is a 2014 graduate from Harding University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Youth & Family Ministry. He and his wife, Ann, have been at Manchester Church of Christ, Manchester, NH, where he is an Associate Minister, since June 2015. They recently added Emmett James to the family.

Mark states in his letter to us: “Ann and I make a great team together. I love watching and playing sports, occasional reading, hiking and cars while Ann likes relaxing, sewing, and taking care of our pet sugar gliders. We like going on spontaneous adventures, playing board games, and exploring town. Ann is a born and raised southerner with family in Alabama. I, however, am born a northerner. We really like getting to know new people, building relationships with them and building relationships with people we know. We hope to provide a full, fun schedule, but one that provides each person in attendance a chance to grow spiritually and with each other in everything we do. We want people to know the love that God has for them and to help them see this and gain knowledge about God that is applicable to their everyday life. We enjoy helping children grow and help teenagers and young adults face the challenges of everyday life.

We love working with the youth and the families we are blessed with here but would like to find a church closer to family (Alabama and Knoxville/Maryville, TN) that we can also focus on ministry. We believe that our ministry is based on the Love of Christ and serving His people. We are all imperfect people who have a perfect Savior who came to earth, died, and rose again for us.

Ann and I are looking for a place to settle into for a long time and serve both God and the community. We want to be a big part of the church and help out wherever we can. I’ve enjoyed song leading, preaching, and being active in the church body along with the youth ministry. I want to thank you for considering us and taking the time to invest in your church and your youth. We want to help grow the church and community both in knowledge of God’s word but also in God love both through teaching and example through our lives.”