Today following the potluck, those that went and participated in Lads to Leaders this year will be repeating their events for us to be able to see… AND I REALLY HOPE YOU WILL BE THERE TO SUPPORT THEM!  The kids have put a lot of time and energy into these events and I know they are looking forward to sharing their work and accomplishments with you!  I was very impressed with them all and am so thankful that this congregation values training our children to lead.

For those of you that don’t know, Lads to Leaders is a program that this congregation has supported for years that challenges young boys and girls to do things like:

  • Memorize the books of the Bible
  • Be a Good Samaritan by serving those around them
  • Drawing pictures according to the theme
  • Give a speech
  • Lead a song
  • Read a section of scripture
  • Preform a puppet show
  • … and the list goes on and on!

The theme this year came out of the book of Ruth, where she says “All that you say to me I will do”  and I think our crew all did a great job with it!  I would also like to thank Mandy Cline for all her work in getting us organized, signed up, hotel reserved and everything else that enabled the trip to Nashville to be a success… and also to Byron Thompson for writing and leading our puppet team this year.  If you are interested in helping next year (by coaching an event, helping dress puppets or backgrounds, etc) please let me know because we’d like to get you plugged in!

Striving alongside you for the prize,