Friend’s Day

Friend’s Day

Friend’s Day

October 30, 2016

Bible Class: 9am

Worship: 10am

Worship will be followed by a BBQ lunch

We have children’s worship (ages 3-5), staffed nursery AND after lunch, there will be a staffed playground and bounce house!

Next week is Bring a Friend Day!  Out in the foyer you will find invitations that look similar to the image above and I am praying that you take some to give out this week.  You and I both know that we cannot change people’s hearts, but we can invite them to come with us!  So with that in mind I am setting a goal and asking that each of us commit to inviting at least 5 people to come.  To some that will seem like a large number and to others it will seem small, but what I am asking is that you not just “float the idea” but continue on to get a commitment out of those that express interest!  Let’s all go forward in faith this week trusting that God wants to use us.  The fields are white unto harvest and we are the workers, so go do the things God has called us to do… no matter what the response!  We must be about our Father’s business.

Also, I want to say a big thank you to all those that helped make the Fall Festival such a success!  We had a great turn out this year and lots of volunteers that donated supplies, helped set up, ran it, and then jumped in to clean up.  It was fun getting to see so many smiling faces and get to meet new people!  So, thank you!

Striving alongside you for the prize, Jay


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