Feeling… devastated?

Feeling… devastated?

Have you ever received a piece of crushing news that totally rocked your world?  It may have been news regarding a medical diagnosis, a choice made by someone that you love that cut you deeply, the death of someone close to you, news that you were being fired when you’ve been living paycheck to paycheck, a deed perpetrated against you by someone that you looked up to… or really any other life-shaking tragedy that effectually drop kicked your joy and left you emotionally feeling run over by a Mack truck.  Well, I’ve not been run over, but the last few days sure have been difficult.  I’ve received a few pieces of bad news all within a short window of time and Satan has been trying to use those situations to discourage me.  Additionally, I’ll admit, all on my own I’ve entertained thoughts of dread and fear that evidently caused me to not really sleep well because I was mulling it over in my sleep.


…something that I can only attribute to the Spirit of God living in me.  Because right as those thoughts started to sink into my heart… they were utterly obliterated from me as I parked my car and looked at some green grass and a young tree.  Now in and of themselves the blades of grass and the tree weren’t that spectacular.  Fairly unimpressive really.  Yet, they triggered in me thoughts of my God.  My God that spoke everything into existence, and sustains it all by the word of his power.  My God that has proven himself faithful time and time again in my life from the time that I was a young boy falling backwards off the top of my bunk bed and praying for help as I fell and not even so much as bumping my head, to being in China and being under investigation for teaching “Christianism”, to the night Ethan was being born and we kept losing his heart beat only to find out later that the cord was wrapped so tightly around his neck 4 times and yet had no ill effects, to, to, to, to, to… and as I sat there… remembering all the times that he has proven his faithfulness – and thinking about how the first grass appeared on the 3rd day of creation (from top to bottom or bottom to top like a scanner… materializing all pixelated like in star trek or just appearing in the blink of an eye… or none of the above) I was confronted with the how silly my previous thoughts and feelings of dread and discouragement were.  My God is with me, so what or whom shall I fear?  Now of course that doesn’t mean the situations I’ve been praying over are insignificant or that I don’t want God to work mightily to effect change… but when my God is in the picture the dread and the fear are gone.

Striving alongside you for the prize,



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