What Satan Needs You To Do

What Satan Needs You To Do

Often we focus on what does Jesus want for us. We spend great deals of time considering how and what we should be doing as Christians. The other day I read an article that made me ask another serious question. What would Satan want me to do?  That’s a scary question to even consider but it can be a beneficial thing for us to process. So…

He needs you to be distracted during the bible class and sermon. That way you don’t actually learn anything or realize that it applies to you. Then you stay immature and vulnerable.

He needs you to be judgmental about how the building looks and how people treat you. If you attend with a desire to find who or what is wrong, you will find it. The church is not perfect. We are all flawed, sinful people who make mistakes.

He needs you to be judgmental of your brothers and sisters. Often we hold a certain standard of what we believe it takes to be considered a Christian based on what we know and what we struggle with ourselves. It is not always about matters of faith or opinion but a unique combination of the two. Satan needs you to look down on others, judge them based on what you think, and treat them badly because they believe or act in ways you don’t approve of.

He needs you to partake in the communion without thinking about Jesus and what he did for you. Because coming into the presence of God without affect, reveals a heart problem.

He needs you to watch the offering plate go by without actually contributing. Giving is an act of worship. If you don’t contribute you are removing yourself from the work and responsibilities of the church to help others. Giving is not about amount but about the heart that desperately wants to give to God who gave so much to you.

He needs you to refuse to help when teachers are needed, work needs done, groups gather for fellowship and learning, and when serving others is mentioned. This attitude keeps you separated from the heart and work of the church. I know that life is busy but if you don’t have time for the Lord and his church you’re too busy. You are extremely valuable to the body here!

He needs you to come to church once in a while, when you feel guilty or there is nothing else to do, and then wonder why you don’t feel like part of the church. Why do we expect the church to love us when they never see us or have the opportunity to get to know us? To be a part of the family you actually have to be there and participate.

He needs you to always be watching everyone else and what they are doing, just in case they might do something wrong. If your whole goal to be the self-appointed police man of the church, then you are always going to be upset and frustrated by others.

He needs you to be focused on fulfilling your responsibilities without actually changing how you feel or act. If you are only concerned about putting in your time and going home, why bother? It would be like eating a great dinner just so you could vomit it all up. Church is supposed to get in your mind, in your heart, and change you for the better. Your goal should always be about getting to be near Jesus, near to his people, and to be more like him.

He needs you to come to church, watch and listen, and then go home like nothing happened. God wants to transform you from the inside out.  In Christ you are a new creation, but in order for it to happen, you have to participate.  You have to want it.  If you come just because you have to come, what benefit are you really expecting?

What does Satan need you to do? Are you sure you are not already doing it?


Article by Jeff Arnett
Edited by Jay Cline


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