They’ll Know We Are Christians By Our Love

They’ll Know We Are Christians By Our Love

This summer I had the chance to work as an intern for two weeks with Dylan Pyeatt at Micah 6. Micah 6 is a church planting and community building mission in Pontiac, Michigan. Dylan and the other team members have chosen to live in a low income neighborhood in Pontiac and minister to their neighbors through relationships. While I was there I got to learn from them and help them in their daily work.

Micah 6 has an extensive community garden project, with gardens in lots all around the city. These gardens provide free healthy food to residents who may not have a car and therefore access to fresh vegetables, and the neighborhood pantry provides other essentials to neighbors who need food. When Micah 6 opens their produce store, Sprout, in the coming year, it will be even easier to provide access to cheap or free healthy food and to make connections with neighbors. My fellow interns and I helped in the gardens by caring for chickens and collecting eggs, picking ripe vegetables, organizing seeds, and hosting the weekly farmer’s market.

While I was there, I also had the chance to help install additional lending libraries in the neighborhood. The multiple libraries Micah 6 has scattered through the neighborhood give children and adults access to books they would not otherwise have access to.

The main focus of the ministry is Community and Christ. While I was visiting Pontiac, I formed relationships through the weekly soccer games, Monday night Bible study, and the neighborhood church that has been planted. These were all great opportunities to share a meal and talk about faith and God with our neighbors. The Micah 6 group is focused on empowering anybody to be able to host their own Bible study, and encourages neighbors to get involved and multiply the church.

In addition to these daily rituals, I witnessed one of Micah 6’s huge yearly events. Every year with the help of local churches, Micah 6 hosts “Summer Slam”. This year at “Summer Slam”, over 400 people came for food and fun. We gave out 300 backpacks filled with school supplies, 300 hygiene kits, 400 cereal boxes, and innumerable amounts of clothes and toys. We also hosted free haircuts, dental checks, and blood pressure checks to make sure everyone is ready for the fall.

John 13:35 tells us, “This is how everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” At Micah 6, I saw God’s people showing God’s love to their neighbors and ceaselessly working to draw people towards the Kingdom. I am so blessed to have been a part of it for a short time, and to have seen all the ways that Christians can “love thy neighbor as thyself.”

Shelby Bonner


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