Family Faith Challenges

Our world is currently a lot different then what we are normally used to. Even though our  world might look different at the moment, we still need to work on our relationship with God and to continue building each other up. Below there are Family Faith Challenges. These are things to encourage an individual, the kids, or the whole family to work on different things in their spiritual lives and the church. Choose one to work on for a few days and then choose another one! These will be updated about every two weeks or so. Enjoy! 


  1. How can you be a witness in your current surroundings?
  2. We always seem to be busy in life. This week take some time to take a personal Sabbath and take a break. During this break, spent time with God
  3. Who can you reach out to from church who you haven’t heard from or seen in a while? What about someone in your family? Community?