Family Faith Challenges

Our world is currently a lot different then what we are normally used to. Even though our  world might look different at the moment, we still need to work on our relationship with God and to continue building each other up. Below there are Family Faith Challenges. These are things to encourage an individual, the kids, or the whole family to work on different things in their spiritual lives and the church. Choose one to work on for a few days and then choose another one! These will be updated about every two weeks or so. Enjoy! 

  • 1) Unplugging- It is easy to be spending this time going on technology and wasting the day away, wishing to go back to what life was before.  Take a day and get away from social media and technology and enjoy the time surrounded by your family and invest in them.  Play games or just talk, but whatever it is, do it with those around you.
  • 2)   Thankfulness- It is so easy to be upset and ungrateful to God for putting us in tough positions.  Even in these times he is still working, it is up to us to see it.  Take some time with a journal and write a list of things for which you are thankful to God.  Make this a time where you look at every aspect of your life and find where God is working in that moment and write it down.  No matter how big or small, wherever God is working, make sure to write it down.   Pray a prayer of gratitude about this list and to keep seeing God act each and every day. 
  • 3)   Prayer- A phrase people like to say for why they do not pray as much is “I’m too busy” or “I don’t have time to do that.”  The reality is they are saying something more along the lines of “that is not a priority for me” or “I don’t want to make the time for that.”  Take 15-20 minutes every day and make that time to talk to God.  What that looks like is up to you: singing, praying, or listening, but make it into a daily priority.
  • 4)    Where do you see God? This week as you go through your day look for God in Nature, In People, and in Things. At the end of each day review these things and what how they remind you or help you see God.
  • 5)   Worship – We are going through a period of time where our normal pattern of worship is different then what we are used to. This week examine how you worship God throughout your week. How are you praising God throughout your week?